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This section contains more detail on the updated plans.  Please note that these are not finalised designs, but do confirm the concept of the designs to be taken forward. The next stage of the project will be to undertake developed design and further feasibility work during 2020 and into mid 2021.  We will be keeping local people updated on progress with the scheme and seeking feedback as we go.  There will be opportunities to get involved in the design of certain aspects of the scheme.

Once you have viewed the plans, please complete the short survey below to leave your feedback.  Alternatively, you can email your comments and suggestions to us at

Please continue to leave your comments and ideas on our Placecheck map for other improvements to active travel routes and infrastructure that you would like to see in Broughty Ferry and Monifieth.

Here is how the key feedback we received on the concept designs has been incorporated into the updated plans:

What you told usWhat we’ve done
You would prefer to see pedestrians and cyclists segregatedWhere the coastal path is next to the existing road along The Esplanade, it is proposed that a new segregated two-way cycleway and widened footway is created to give pedestrians and cyclists their own space.

Where the coastal path is away from the road, it is proposed that the path will be shared use and widened to between 4m and 5m.
Dundee City Council and Angus Council have taken this view as:

Shared use paths
• National guidance shows that paths with no separation can function well with minimal conflict occurring. This is dependent on users being provided with enough width (5m). Where possible the path will be 5m in width
• Providing enough width enables users to interact in a manner that does not detract from their quality of experience
• Greater width is provided for mobility-impaired users / larger cycles
• Reduced environmental impact
• Encourages greater interaction between users

Segregated paths
• People on bikes are able to maintain speed
• Less intimidating for vulnerable and / or visually impaired users
• Reduces perception of user conflict
You would like to see a new path along the beachfront at East Esplanade ParkAs well as the segregated cycleway and widened footway on The Esplanade, a new 4m wide shared use path is proposed behind the dunes, with complementary landscaping, biodiversity and seating improvements
There was no strong view on the route of the path at West End Park in Monifieth (options were either a widened path on the existing route or a new path closer to the beachfront)The path is proposed to remain on its existing route and widened to 5m, with complementary improvements to seating and beach access
You would like to see connections to the coastal path improvedA range of road crossing improvements (including signalised crossings, footway build-outs and raised tables) are proposed along The Esplanade and on key roads leading to the coastal path
You would like to see the scheme take the opportunity to improve wildlife and biodiversityThe Councils’ greenspace teams have proposed landscaping, planting and habitat restoration/creation options for the length of the route. Observation decks are proposed at some locations to view the local wildlife
You would like to see improved lighting along the routeLighting is proposed to be installed along the length of the route. This will primarily be overhead lighting; for bridges / structural walkways a lower level illuminated railing within the balustrade is being considered. Light levels in all off-road areas will be reduced overnight
You would like to have more places to sit and to take in the viewNew seating has been proposed for the length of the route; at the new promenade area, and new sheltered seating areas, benches, picnic tables, etc.
You would like to see artwork and interpretation included as part of the schemeA range of artwork installations, interpretation panels and other street furniture is proposed for the length of the route. We will be looking for community artists to support the development of these (more information on the News and Events page)

Location plan with drawing references

To see the length of the route covered by the proposals, click on the image to the right. This plan shows references to drawings 41 to 46 that include the technical details of the walking and cycling path improvements.

Accompanying these are more detailed plans showing the complementary landscape, biodiversity and placemaking improvements that are proposed as part of the scheme.

Click on the images below to see the plans.

Broughty Ferry West End and West Esplanade (Drawing 41)


Drawing 41 – West End & West EsplanadeLandscape Board 1 – West End
Landscape Board 2 – Beachfront zoom inLandscape Board 3 – West Esplanade


Current viewSegregated cycleway visualisation

Key highlights:

  • New shared use through Castle Green Park
  • Removal of one way road system to create shared cycle/footway around Windmill Gardens
  • Widened shared use path (4 – 5m) along beachfront using high quality paving materials
  • New promenade with seating area and step-free access to beach
  • Start of 3m wide two-way segregated cycleway on The Esplanade with 2.5m footway
  • Improved and new crossing points
  • Artwork installations and interpretation panels

Broughty Ferry East Esplanade (Drawing 42)


Drawing 42 – East EsplanadeLandscape Board 4 – East EsplanadeLandscape Board 5 – East Esplanade Park


Current viewShared use path visualisation

Key highlights:

  • Continuation of 3m wide two-way segregated cycleway on The Esplanade with 2m footway
  • New crossing points on The Esplanade
  • New 4m wide shared cycle and footpath along beachfront
  • Creation of new dunes and improved protection of existing dunes
  • Landscaping and planting to create new maritime grassland habitat
  • Sheltered seating and picnic areas
  • Children’s cycle training track
  • Artwork installations and interpretation panels

Broughty Ferry East End: Bridge Street to Dighty Bridge (Drawing 43)


Drawing 43 – East EndLandscape Board 6 – East End
Lansdcape Board 7 – Bridge StreetLandscape Board 8 -Dighty Bridge

Key highlights:

  • Continuation of 3m wide two-way segregated cycleway on The Esplanade with 2m footway
  • Segregated cycle track joins shared use path at Bridge Street
  • Shared cycle and footpath along beachfront becomes 5m wide
  • New crossing points on The Esplanade
  • New footpath connection from Bridge Street to The Esplanade
  • New ramp with improved access to shared use path on Balmossie Bridge
  • New 5m wide Dighty Bridge
  • Landscaping and grassland/wildflower planting
  • New seating and picnic areas, and wildlife observation deck

Balmossie to Monifieth Footpath (Drawing 44)


Drawing 44 – Balmossie to MonifiethLandscape Board 9 – Balmossie to Monifieth


Current ViewShared use path visualisation

Key highlights:

  • Continuation of 5m wide shared use path
  • Improved access to beach
  • Removal of invasive plant species

Monifieth West and Seven Arches (Drawings 45 and 46)


Drawing 45 – Monifieth WestDrawing 46 – Seven Arches link
Landscape Board 10 – West End Park Landscape Board 11 – Monifieth West

Key highlights:

• Continuation of 5m wide path along existing route
• New benches and sheltered seating area
• Improved access to beach
• New vehicle turning circle and safe road crossing points where path meets Marine Drive

Douglas Terrace Walkway (Stannergate to Grassy Beach to Douglas Terrace)


Douglas Terrace

Lighting columns with LED luminaires will be installed from the Dock path to Douglas Terrace (Grassy Beach footway). Where possible, 6m high columns will be installed within the verges adjacent to the paths along the walkway. At the elevated bridge structures, the existing balustrades will be adapted to include an additional lighting rail.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Segregated and Shared Paths

Path Use Advantages and Disavantages

Further information can be found in SUSTRANS Traffic Free Routes Guidance.

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